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Prices do not include cost of jewelry.

We will only pierce with jewelry from the studio,

We do not book Lobe piercings for 5-15 year olds online, To book for a childs ear piercing please call the studio

ID is required to be shown at time of appointment to verify age before any piercing.

If you are under the age of 16 a parent or legal guardian must be present and have ID on them. 

No Lakes, pools, hot tubs etc for 2 weeks after

All online appointments are automatically booked 3 days in advance.

If you are wanting to book in sooner or add another piercing to your appointment please give us a call at (250)-306-7038

Deposits made for online appointments are Non-Refundable/
The deposit goes towards the cost of the piercing the day of your appointment. If you feel like you may have to cancel for any reason, Calling to book in may be a better option.

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