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Meet the Team

As owner and head piercer of Flesh Body Piercing, I am highly passionate about the body piercing community. This has lead me to attend seminars on the pocketing theory, techniques of surface piercings, and dermal anchoring.

Finishing my apprenticeship in the spring of 2013 has helped me to become proficient in aftercare, jewelry choice, and piercing placement. Eager to expand my knowledge base, I completed the training course for blood born pathogens, and received my certificate in First Aid with CPR and AED. I strive to provide my customers with a relaxed and friendly environment.

Amanda Cassidy

Meet Krystie! She started as a receptionist in 2018 and has vigorously worked her way into an apprenticeship in 2019, learning the ins and outs of the jewelry and piercing industry! Completing the training course for blood borne pathogens and First Aid with CPR and AED, she has since finished her apprenticeship in May of 2021 and is now one of our staff body piercers!


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